Our clients have benefited from our relationship and are happy to convey that. Please contact us for further references.

"Howie Herodes and Herodes Financial, P.A. have prepared my individual tax returns since 2004 and corporate tax returns since 2007. He is nothing but knowledgeable, reliable, and accessible - everything I require to make the decisions around the various tax benefits and consequences I face as an individual and small businesses owner. His approach is attentive and forward looking as opposed to a tax preparer that merely looks back and processes the numbers.

I have recently been in the beginning stages of starting another unrelated business and he was one of the first people I thought to contact. I feel it is important to have a core team of trusted advisors in the various professions needed to run a business and I hold Howie in high regard as part of this team. He has been indispensable in the formation and planning stages of starting this business for my partner and I.

I value his professionalism and guidance and look forward to a long profitable relationship with Howie and Herodes Financial. I have recommended him to multiple friends and clients because he is a vital resource to me and I know he will offer them the same professional service."

- Timothy McGonagle


"I am writing to recommend Howie Herodes of Herodes Financial, P.A.. Howie has provided me and my company excellent accounting services. He prepared my personal and corporate taxes with a high level of diligence, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness. And he has accted as my chief financial officer on occasion, steadfastly guiding me through what can be murky waters. Howie makes sure I both understand and am in agreement with his advice.

What's more, Howie is just a good person. I am confident he has my best interest at heart and is doing what he can to assure that I and my company are a success."

- Rachel Streit, D.C.
Stone Coast Chiropractic

Sailboat"Last Thursday I met with a gentleman, we'll call him John, who is interested in buying an existing business in Portland. He has the option of using family money for the purchase, but would prefer to borrow the money from a bank. In additon, the seller is very anxious to close the transaction as soon as possible so John had a sense of urgency to make this transaction happen.

John had executed a Letter of Intent, but didn't yet have an attorney or an accountant. I recommended that he get the advice of both before taking another step. I saw numerous red flags before I even read the business plan or looked at the financial statements. I was very concerned that John would go ahead and buy the business using family money without doing the proper due diligence because he hadn't received the right professional advice.

With my prompting, John called Howie. Howie met with John for several hours on Tuesday. With Howie's guidance, John decided that he didn't have enough information to make a decision, that he needed a lot more. John called me to talk about his meeting with Howie, providing a lot of praise for Howie's insight and his abilities. He firmly believes Howie could be a great asset to the business if he buys it.

I can't thank Howie enough for reinforcing my discussion with John about slowing down, doing the proper due diligence, and being careful not to make a huge financial mistake. It's great to have Howie as a part of my team."

- Patty Erickson     
Vice President - Commercial Lender     
Bath Savings Institution     

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