Here are some examples of the results that Herodes Financial can help your company attain:

Over a 5 year period we helped our client grow from $1.5M revenue and 12 employees to $6.0M and 65 employees.  We helped with many items including improving accuracy, timeliness and analysis of financial data and related projections and budgets.   We also assisted with accounting and financing issues related to a $3.5 million building project.   The company continues to utilize our services as they grow to fully utilize the new building space at the targeted $10 to $12 million in revenue.

As a not-for-profit client struggled with an insolvent balance sheet of approximately $200k and shrinking reimbursements from public funding sources, we helped the company return to solvency. We did this by helping them better understand their various lines of business, enabling them to grow from $800k to $1.9 million in revenue while remaining break-even (the best allowed result based on public funding sources).

From the start-up stage where we were brought in to help with accounting and finance systems, controls and management reporting, we continue to help a client grow  - currently at $8 million in revenue and profitable.  We helped with the accounting, finance and cash flow projections associated with an early stage $3 million building project.  We continue to assist monthly with accounting issues, management reporting, financial projections, cash management and cash flow planning, and support preparation for the annual audit by an outside CPA firm.

We helped a client who was going through bankruptcy file 7 years of past due tax returns, allowing them to continue with the bankruptcy filing while reducing their tax debts from over $100k to about $35k.  As they emerge from bankruptcy, we are working on tax and financial planning issues to help them achieve their future financial goals.

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