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Upon graduating from Marist College (Cum Laude) with a BS in Accounting, Howard Herodes spent the first 10 years of his career in a “Big-4” CPA environment where he earned his CPA certification and gained a solid accounting and tax foundation providing audit and tax services. During the next 6 years of his career, Howie worked in corporate finance as a Director of Financial Analysis, Cost and Budget where he was responsible for a $4 billion budget.

Early in his career, while providing tax services, it was obvious to Howie that many Maine businesses lacked the valuable knowledge of a CFO. After adding corporate finance experience to his own arsenal, Howie had the unique qualifications to provide both the tax and CFO services that so many need. In 2001, Herodes Financial, P.A was born. A Maine company serving the needs of  Maine businesses and individuals with one goal in mind…to help their clients have a better understanding of their financial situation. Ultimately allowing better decision making and improved results.

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